I started to play dota again

Dota Bowie gets recommended a lot from what I remember

If ur gonna Play support make sure to play proactive playmaking supports even if the meta or game doesn’t call for it that much you don’t learn much being. A ward bot

If you are playing for fun you'll be fine, but if you are playing because you actually want to be good and want good gameplay to be rewarded dota 2 is no longer the game for that.

i'll coach you for 35$/hour

I am sure there are people out there who would pay you for training, but mostly they just play pay2win games so they just pay straight to developer for buying boosts/resources

after about the first 10 mins of the game, your team should 4 or 5 man group (depending on your carry) in the enemy safelane and take their tower, push the lane up as far as their tier 2, and then go and take their mid t1

the other team will probably do something similiar, unless they try to defend, if they are defending with 4 heroes tell your carry to come and crush them. if they defend with 5 heroes walk away.

after you end up taking these towers, this will provide a big safe area for your carry to farm in for the next 20-30 mins

then you try to take rosh more than the other team and eventually win

that is about it