I started to play dota again

In my prime I was like 3900-4100 mmr.

I quit came back after two years played for few months and ended up at like 3400-3500 mmr.

I quit played pubg for 2 years came back and getting recked for last few weeks.

The game is still fun 20-30% of the time but it is still provides a lot more variety than pubg does and pubg just got super stale and playerbase is slowly dying.

Any advice for me to not totally suck at dota? How do i improve on better positioning myself? I seem to suck at that the most.

pick meta heroes and just logically think where spells could reach you in fights better positioning comes naturally with playing more and getting used to how heroes play now

Don't pick meta heroes just try to have fun and use your spells right and focus on not dying

I will play with you on the weekends if you are fun to play with. Started playing again this past weekend

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The game feels completely different. distance is closed a lot quicker. 5v5 fights are a fucking mess.

maybe I am just slow old and washed up.

thats why watching dota is the most important resource players have when getting better

literally just watch one replay of a hero you think you understand well (i can help u with players that are good at specific heroes) and just watch what they do, you start to think for yourself as you take in more pro knowledge

give me some players for position 1,4 and 5. where would you start? focusing on 1 lasthitting/farming/positioning or 5 warding/pooling/supporting?

I don't want to train hardcore either I want it to be a balance of learning/getting better and just playing a game for fun. but fun mostly comes when you are owning...

  1. daxak monet ramzes666

  2. yapzor saksa cr1t

  3. fly ninjaboogie puppey

those off the top of my head are good players in their respective roles and the ones ive watched replays of but honestly if u watch like 1 replay a day while u queue or something it helps a lot

they r quite bread and butter and very consistent in pubs

So what's the best position to start with?

definitely support, playing carry this patch and especially at ur mmr requires u to make very little mistakes while with supports u can be a little more flexible considering the core concepts of playing them are easier to grasp and helps with mechanical growth

also dont be afraid to flex between 4 and 5 if ur ognna start out with support as they've changed quite a bit in how they play

also I played a lot of turbos that shit put me even further back in learning curve cause games play so different from regular dota

I am trying to do the battlepass jungle mission, pretty useful to get a better knowledge of what heros i never touched do

yeah rn im getting pretty frustrated with dota so im just randoming every game to learn everything lol

for example ember spirit's sleight of fist I thought was just a press of a button instead of area focus attack

or played some shadow demon and understand his 2nd skill amplifies illusion damage etc etc

warlock seems pretty OP in team fights, i remember he used to be pretty strong but he is just stupid easy to play with, especially in turbos just spam fatal bonds and win lane you can't even stay in a lane against that shit

warlock is dumb good if you have heroes that take advantage of it, like aoe spells that do more damage in fatal bonds

sd is also very good was underrated last patch, not sure about now though

sd warlock potm boston major/ti6 :blush:

Is there anything available on youtube that is good? Like someone spectating players you have mentioned above and breaks what they do down?

Watch a replay of you and a good player side by side and take note on what they do different and try to reason out why that is

Then after doing this a lot watch their replays and try to predict their next moves and reason why they chose differently if they did

Play more to improve micro

Abuse meta picks to climb mmr artificially so you get clapped by better players that will show you the weaknesses in your game for you

Pick small pool of heroes