I uncovered a money laundering political crime syndicate in my neighborhood

Court case now officially out of housing jurisdiction, got moved to civil supreme. Last conference was me and the supreme housing court judge laughing at their lawyer.

They were lqufhing at uou

Nah I'd win.

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Awaiting the next date, we in the civil supreme bros.

no you're not. you got bored of this schtick and had forgotten about it but then remembered you need to update the thread just now.

biggest loser in the thread

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You can't post misinformation on the forum!

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Is that another goyclub school shooter or are they rubbing off on new posters

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I can guarantee you were bullied in highschool.

You literally posted pictures of yourself naked with some buck toothed chink because you were so excited about getting laid fro the first time.

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Happy it aint a new poster

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congrats on the sex

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congrats its good to have a woman next to you.

messed up beat my meat off of the stress, mad police officers at my door tryna arrest me juts because i caught a political crime syndicate

They are arresting you for beating off?

Those darned republicans have gone too far.


not scared of real estate developers who need gap mortgage just to survive.