I uncovered a money laundering political crime syndicate in my neighborhood

And they took my job, they operate behind a charter school owned by a high ranking politician. I am in fear of my life, thankfully my housing court trial has been approved for a jury, and I got full permission by the judge to file the motion to move it to the supreme court.

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I also suspect they are human trafficking, I know they have connections in the department of buildings, and they have killed one building owner.




toasting in epic bread

I have enough to take them down for racketeering.

does this mean we arent getting a NNN victory speech this year


unfortunately not

well it was always going to end this way.


Yes, they have disabled my zelle, frauded my unemployment, towed my car, took my job, jacked my insurance rate, and kidnapped me with their hospital networks twice.

they was tryna break me.

im still in my apartment, the plan is simple, i have a jury trial in housing court, and got permission from the judge to move it to the supreme court, once im in the supreme court, i will expose the money laundering, the criminal activity and the human trafficking network that took my job.

Do you have a lawyer

I am going pro se. The civil legal counsel in the housing court is corrupt, they have been behind a lot of evictions in the city by manipulating something called the one shot deal.

how im coming

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The man they assassinated was Lewis Katz

It had to be this way, facing homelessness, the strength and courage of my old boss, to face real estate developers who took advantage of my peoples poverty to place money laundering spots right infront of their eyes, while they were sleeping i was investigating, I was training, preparing for this moment, I saw it to the end. They killed lewis katz, they laundered money, they hated me because i knew they what they were doing and did. They attempted to break me, they harassed me and my bosses daily. But Im coming to save the neighborhood, superintendent turned superhero lawyer.

They pretended I was too dangerous to have around kids, I was the super of parole they tried to make me a criminal cuz they wanted to get rid of parole they opened up a school inbetween parole to attack my management. They hated me, they hated my friends, they use the school to attack people in the neighborhood, they have no morals, and they teach your kids, while they have a human trafficking spot right next to the kids. I dealt with murderers, robbers, sex offenders and criminals and they loved me, I was just the building maintenance man who treated all humans like people.

I've been deemed subhuman. They dont want real masculine trade workers around the kids. They hate me with all their might but I will show the court who the real monsters are.

the warden of the bronx housing court is fed up with these people too. He is monitoring my case closely.

i am not suicidal and I will never kill myself.

I AM A man with nothing to lose.