I wish I never ever played Dota in my life

I played dota for 6 years now,over 6000hours for sure,yeah I had fun,for like 50 hours,MAYBE.Not talking about money I lost on it,I don’t even care about money at that point.I always thought that people that wastes their life in games looks like some fat nerds straight up from movies clichés,or some insanely depressed people with no life.yes Dota is exciting and good time spend with friends on Sunday night,but damn,is it worth it when you have to play it that much?I feel like I am not alone,and there is actually a lot ,like A LOT people struggling because of Dota ,maybe from cs,lol,tf or any other time wasting games.It’s a cursed shit bro,I don’t know

Post up boys prove your celibacy

show your post may stats bro

You still can!

Imagine having 2020 on your dotabuff...


Prove it

What do you need me to prove


Go hard or go home

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If the 2019 appears there empty it means there's a game in 2020

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That week must've been hell