i would like moderator.

i've earned it now promote me.

You're literally a like


120 hour fast starts now

Kyle's got severe mental problems

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got any new scoops on dota drama?

See if you can stretch it to 1200

What is that like 9 days? I can do it

Try 50 fatty

You're definitely fatter than me

Who is going to make you a mod? One of the existing mods? :emberthinking:


are u gonna play diabotical kkat

its a quakelike being made by our own james 2gd harding

starts shaking violently AHHHHHHHHH!!! FUCK YOUUUU!!! FUCK YOU NIG GEEEEER!!!!! FUCK YOU STUPID ■■■■■■!!!!! starts to lose consciousness Fucking Ni... ni...... passes out on armchair

$2 tip $259 order


if you lost 10 lbs but your bf% stayed the same that just means you lost mostly muscle

You can count on it. I didn't do the kickstarter so I won't get beta access.

I'm not measuring body fat

Or his water broke