Ian: A worthless Worm

wiggles joylessly

Thank you. Do i know you? We can become friends


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I don’t think you do

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I’m ian555556#4841 on discord

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4181 sorry

wheres teh thread about whether you’re a worm or a grub

that was a rpety good 1

Its bugged or some shit

Discord just knows nas shouldn’t be associating with eus

Suck my dick i have 6400 mmr degenerate bum

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That’s like 3k na right

Bro whats your mmr lol stop talking

I was at like 5.8k 2 or so years ago but stopped playing after I lost like 500-600 points and wanted to off myself


I respect you for that

Stop posting such dumb and inane shit and the harsh treatment ends. Your destiny is in your hands and you’ve brought this upon yourself.

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