Ian: A worthless Worm

Saying that his posts are narcissistic would be a compliment - he just completely lacks all sorts of awareness.
He’s like a dumber LBJ.

I don’t think so. The only ian posts I don’t like are the ones about jdance. Keep up the good work ian.

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The issue is: There’s no way to make him leave by calling him a nig*er - and every Moron on this site can’t see through him because nobody understands psychology and sociology (other than me and a few others).

We just dont care about some onlineforum poster bro its not that deep

You’re just as bad

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You need a timeout buddy

No I don’t

What do you mean?

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Nma: a disgusting grub

No need to get into YOUR social “disadvantages” as everyone already knows them.

Glad we could get the site activity back up - hopefully @SOPHIE will be able to buy himself something nice for Christmas.

Perhaps a pair of those color-correcting colorblindness glasses that always get viral marketed on reddit

So do you

? I’ve gotten into this argument a bunch


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Wiggle wiggle wiggly wormy

You are really mean towards me. i dont want this harsh attitude. Please:/

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You seem like a cool guy to me!

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