Ian Mafia 2 signups

klaze qualifies imo :)

Alright you can vouch him in but it's your ass if he fucks it up

if i dont role mafia, i ll find mafia 100% I got too much exp in this set up

I thought you wanted to play?

@ian rand us roles

do we want to do like 24 hour game max? or 6 hours? cause we got lives and work etc i dont want to make it too short or too long.

2 hrs

15 minutes. Blitz mafia

yea but i am at work i can dedicate 5 min here and there but we almost need for all 3 to be active at same time. lets commit to a time slot and play it live or something

We are all here right now. Let's go

ok 15 min...okay i guess

we ll try to do it 15 min and 30 min would be a hard limit where we have to vote.

@sdadasdas you here?

yeah are we doing the semi priest setup?

yes. What is the exact mechanic I am stupid. Mafia can't lead a vote or something?

scum can't hammer one of the players

The Semi-Priest cannot hammer a randomly chosen townie

Ok I'll start a 3 player thing for u guys give me a minute

ok but he can lead the vote and town can hammer on a town. makes sense.

Ok it makes sense now

Good thing you guys started without me