Ian Mafia 2 signups

Better edition

@mafiabot host

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@mafiabot slist

Signed Players

Sign the Fuck up you cucks

@mafiabot sign

setup info?

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

Depends on how many players sign. I'll try to do another open one

@mafiabot .s


@mafiabot sign

body is too similar

@mafiabot sign

Feels bad losing a sign spot to gamut

I guess I'm just not active enough LOL

Me & faz alt game

Mafia 1v1s

someone rand us maf or town role and we ll just play 1v1 not knowing if we rolled maf or town and open a thread and try to figure out what the other one rolled and then we choose either to lynch if we think he is mafia or no lynch if we think he is town.

I'll join and we can play https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=The_One_I_Cannot_Kill

Sorry top town players only