Ian Mafia 3

who was scum last


he is scum this game again. lmfao

how are you deciding the roles ian

i think he decided to keep them the same but just send out a PM


klaze your town tells are too stronk


you ll be obvious scum when you roll scum

it's a strange assumption to think that we got the same roles, my first thought is that you were scum since it'd be more fun to mix up the roles

yea but I saw your post about rolling nilla again, and im nilla so yeah...i already solved 2nd game.

@mafiabot lynch @big_ass

also if we get this place little more organized I can bring few decent epicmafia players here

@mafiabot unlynch

@mafiabot lynch @big_ass

@mafiabot unlynch

@big_ass Last Post

6 mins

He's chatting in PM's, he's obviously mad about his role and is talking about Ian about it

yea sounds like he would do something like that

@big_ass Stop fucking PMing ian and play

both here lets play! gone for 30 minutes...