Ian Mafia 3

No 2 yet

If you have not received a role you are vanilla town

Players: faz, klaze, jenanda

Day will last 2 hours

@sdadasdas @theGreatWingdingi @faz

It's the semipriest setup

I think you should have sent a role to all 3 players but whatever

no role here

klaze how did you feel when you opened this game and read the intro

Too bad.

guess asoul got it then

I clicked the messages button but there was nothing there

@mafiabot lynch @theGreatWingdingi

You know what fuck you guys game's getting rerolled (this is how plenty of people do it though)

soul read klaze :kissing_heart:

hurry up and hammer klaze before he rerolls so we can own him quickly

@theGreatWingdingi Get in here

well you missed your chance to look like a hero....

i guess its easier for me cause you actually town told

Games been rerolled haha losers

Use bold to vote

ok i'm still vanilla town

asoul was scum last game right?