Ian vs Insom: StarCraft II Match

Best of 15. May the best man win. Live stream details to be announced.

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k its linked )

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I will not be attending but are we able to place bets?

who will win
  • insom
  • ian
  • alightsoul

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I'll put 10 eth on iam winning in under 11 games

do either of them even play this game?

We both do

Any chance you could clear your schedule? I'd like for you to be there.


jdance pretends to be busy but he watched the entire 28 day, 16h per day


to kill a

wow boss

I have not been pretending to be busy for the last 3 weeks

Luckily I was a month ahead of my math class and now I am not

15 games? How long do games last these days?

I would stomp anyone here in sc2

I was excited to see StarCraft but then noticed it said II instead of BW


bw too hard

wc3 is more exciting and aoe2 is more tense but sc is still good

Fight me in sc2 anybody.


this should 100% be aoe2