If you dont drive stick youre not a man

prove me wrong fellas

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bet stick drivers really know how to handle a dick



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I drive a motorcycle. Does that mean I know how to handle a dick with my feet?

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you tell me

or show me

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idk I think my manliness is mostly intact (except for my foreskin Lol)

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Wouldn’t say so haha

What manly features do you possess?

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I thought the only purpose of learning stick was to get your cars at a cheaper price

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It’s so rare/uncommon now in the US that automatics are standard but I know from vacationing in EU that there’s virtually no automatic transmission cars to rent.

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i drive cars

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the manliest thing to do is drive railroads

i drive piles

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Maybe buying a car brand new it would be cheaper if it’s a manual but honestly if u want a used car manuals usually are more expensive

It’s much better to drive manual as it gives you a better feel for the car you’re driving.

completely depends on the model if it’ll be more or less expensive

benefit: transmission work, its piss easy to maintain fluids and change out your clutch compared to an automatic

old cars manual will get better mpg with good driving, newer automatics pull ahead in efficiency

honestly dude the only point in buying a manual car is because you like to drive stick

I personally think it’s way better and if I were to have a “dream car” it would be a stick shift but my only reasoning is that I find it more entertaining to drive

Your wrong

Shut the fuck up faggot