If you were looking to start a successful company of any kind, which five members would you choose from this forum to be your employees?


  1. Wintermute
  2. Jones (real Jones)
  3. Deepthroat
  4. Klaze
  5. Div

In no particular order

I would choose a pimp and 4 other rent boys

Gogey a2pas ewiz Jones _____ (could be you!)


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Why choose a2pas? I said you wanted a successful company

Might sub in klaze over frank

will not work with div
will not work with wintermute
will not work with ewiz
will not work

Who would you work with

I can just let you work on your own, it’s whatever.

you ARE NOT telling me what to do either

Okay I’ll led you lead

I don’t think this is going to work.

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  1. Wintermute (sex sells)
  2. Jones (undisputed genius. Highest project Euler score)
  3. Krazykat (highly connected in the oil and gas industry)
  4. Sudo (would be a very loyal hard working employee for the three masc daddy bosses above him)
  5. Paine (head of HR)

I think Jones should get points dropped because the only reason he is intelligent is because he is also insane

Jones when you are falling asleep what are you thinking about

I am developing a theory that you become what you fall asleep thinking about

interested in implementing some hacked together stealth auth, since someone was asking about it in IRC.

the v2 rend-spec isn’t in the proposals directory as far as I can tell, but I have found this

That shoulda been me. I shoulda been changing the world. It’s too late now. I’m basically 24 and people peak at this age but I would have to learn like 5 years of info at no one peaks at 29 mentally I will never change the world.

It’s fucking over I ruined my one chance

as a guess you’re publishing multiple descriptors where the blinded key has the additional secret being dependent on some client key.