I'm gonna see pokemon detective pikachu and you cant stop me

I might even buy that pokemon nintendo switch game

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Fly to chicago and watch it here.

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Was it fun

It’s not out until may but I figured we should talk about it in advance so we’re all on the same page

movie looks good

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honestly that trailer is low key hype so i dont blame anyone for wanting to watch.

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You guys got me interested, the trailer was great

no way

that pikachu looks weird and the Chinese agree

Surprisingly original

who the fuck thought that pikachu had fur?


He does and he has a ryan gosling voice too

NGL the fanmade parody trailer with the short guy from friends is 90% of the reason I have a good opinion of this movie

movie might have been made to push the furry agenda.
Expect furry porn to double after release.



Now I didn’t feel anything I’d seen was particularly sexualized or raised any red flags for animal stuff (unlike a lot of these recent animated pet movies where some of the characters have distinctly human sexualized features) but at the same time I feel like that hyperrealistic charizard is going to be drawn with a massive dick pretty much immediately

IDK I think the more they avoid human traits in these creatures the less appealing it will be in general to these people

what is sexual about my little pony? People still draw sex organs on those cartoons

This shit is doomed, I would avoid seeing it in theaters at all because in 2 years when this movie becomes synonymous with gay furry porn people will look at you weird when you say you saw it in theaters or when they think back to the time you talked about seeing it in theaters. Just stay safe