I'm making a small comeback to dota 2

I put a lot of my Dota love behind me to pursue my "career" which is fine but I still miss Dota and I have many things to offer players who love Dota2 as much as me.

I would appreciate support from my lads here to help me.

I'm going to be streaming sometime in the future, but for now I'll be releasing all of my SECRET builds that have never been surfaced. Starting alphabetically of course.

Oldmeta is here.



Were you a shit coin trader

Shitcoin? lol. Investing was a side hobby.


Formerly kaptenrobert here. God speed bother! Hoping to see some rad build.


I'm curious what you did but you're free to be private about it

What I did, or I still do as a career?

I'm in IT.

it's a cake job with great pay


What's your twitch stream? We can add it to the stream sidebar.

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Big Benny says that he wishes you all the best, and that you're natural talent past obscurity.


You can put it in the sidebar but I won't be streaming til a couple weeks from now.

Whats up Robert; I miss your dumbass.

Here is some metal for ya since I know you're a fan



Why a new handle

I forgot my info, and Numetagod was taken lmao

If you're referring to Oldmeta well...because it is old..ancient even- no one knows about it :)

Also I'm gettting older so it's only fitting.

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So I'm eager to share some new stuff I'm working on. Right now my favorite build is jungling Mirana. Which is entirely possible now, by maxing arrow (more exp per min).

The trick however is you will have to sap the range creep exp from your offlaner twice for the first minute spawns. To do this, you move behind the tier 2 tower and arrow the ranged creep as they walk down the base ramp(at their t3).

This is necessary to achieve a faster level 2 so you can grab leap, to migrate around the map but more importantly snipe enemy couriers. This is your job basically.

  1. Ward behind mid/safe lane to see couriers moving out from both lanes of you can try to highground a base ward to see courier movement as well.

  2. Arrow a minion off cooldown, mostly hard camps and remember to STACK. Ferry lots of clarities to achieve bottles. It's crucial for your Aghanim timing and for your cores, that you stacks your own camps, even using leap to stack camps you would otherwise not be able to.

  3. Once you've killed mid/bot couriers, move topside to kill offlane courier ( who commonly let their couriers chill at the secret shop anyway)

  4. Take advantage when you kill the support couriers, as other players sure as hell will not buy sentries or dust lmao. Once you kill a support courier they can't buy dust or sentries so you can deward and setup for the next courier timing. No dust or sentries = Moonlight Shadow godmode on.

  5. Keep killing couriers. On top of bounty runes and courier gold your team will love you and you'll make serious bank.

Buy order is Boots > Clarities > Bottle > Bottle#2> Aghanims > Ethblade.

Bottle is important because you need to collect runes and protect runes. Swap bottles out with mid if his is empty, and heal offlane with your bottle. Additionally double bottle is very strong since you can buy point booster first and backpack bottle sip for maximum efficiency.

Aghanims is incredibly strong on Mirana but even more-so when she hits level 25. The +200 starstorm talent is out of this world.

There are about 3 different builds.

Urn which is a kinda good build but like I think urn honestly really fucking blows. However. Urn is magic damage so if you were say....buy Veil of Discord, your damage would be increased ever so slightly. Veil is very powerful combined with Starfall + Arrow. She is primarily magic damage after all, her attack animation just happens to be so strong that diffusal builds own as well.

1. Boots > Bottle > Urn > Veil > Atos/Maelstrom > Glypnir > Aghanims > Ethblade.

All your sources of damage are enhanced by veil and all your spells progressively get stronger. You're probably thinking, why not Kaya earlier in the build? It's simply not strong enough for the gold.

You can buy 2x sage mask as passive regen for your build later 3mps with urn combined very comfy

2. My personal build Boots > Bottle > Bottle > Point Booster > Aghs > Ethblade.

3. Auto attack based build Boots > Bottle > Diffusal > Glypnir > Aghs > Ethblade


2 pairs of boots??

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typo 2 bottles lol

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Axe is another sick build I've been playing.

Vanguard > Boots > Urn > Blink > Disassemble Vanguard for Spirit Vessel > Blademail (Completely option btw) > Aether Lens. Rebuild vanguard if you need it.

With this aforementioned build ^^^ you should keep in mind that you really do not need blink. An earlier Aether Lens equates to an earlier pair of mana boots. With the Urn+Mana talent + Arcane Boots you can spam large amounts of Battle Hunger.

1 point into taunt and maxing Battle Hunger + Helix.

With the aether lens blink range on top of Culling Blade range, as well as the godliness of casting Battle Hunter and Spirit Vessel from an entire screen away lmao.

Which is insanely broken because the hero is likely already running away from you, and thus slowed. Insanely op build.


can you post some new basketball vids? i'm plateauing with my game and need inspo


LMao actually my toe got stepped on recently in a game so im out for the next 1-2 weeks. But I'm actually getting much better. Will consider a video update.