I'm pacing up and down my hallway

if I see another fucking jdance post
I’m going to do a 23~ 50 or something.

I am absolutely enraged.

U r absolutely lying. No pacing up n down is going on.


why the fuck am I replying to myself?


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Wtf is going on? He’s replying to himself?

I’ll have what He’s having

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Jones is Jdance

Everybody do the Jones

My insurance doesn’t cover estrogen?

Jones is a 6 foot 8 gorilla who would smash on a manlet like you

Sorry let me correct myself, Jones is the tallest gorilla known to man and would smash on a manlet like you

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Is that your post?

That’s a pretty good one

just how much is /r/NoFap just /r/GetAJobAndBeLessSedentaryOverall or /r/JordanPetersonZealots