I'm putting together a team

how does someone make an ESPORTS team/organization

reaching out to plasma and w.e lawyers for helps.

w.e lawyer here, do you have a sign?

i aint got nothing but a dream

Find players and play. But needs to be top 0.1%

go u :smile:

with guidance like that you will be farming eggs in no time

You just do it.

You need capital. I assure you its very painful when its from your pocket.

I'd assume the best way is to find some players you believe in, ask to manage them, and help develop them as a team. Once they get good enough and start winning shit, then instead of looking to sell out to another org, start looking for sponsors now that you have some results to back you. Between sponsors and merch sales, you should have some income flow that you can reinvest in the team (salary) and elsewhere to continue to grow the brand.

From what I can tell, a lot of brands do this completely backwards and sink a bunch of money in upfront, and then go belly up because they can't keep supporting it.

But IDK for sure, just an educated guess.

Hey, tournament organizer here, we're looking for teams to participate in our 100k prize pool dota 2 tournament in chicago.

Contact me @ rakum.77@hotmail.com for further info

Hey, TopKidz ltd. Here, we're a company that makes super hero themed band - aids for children and we're currently looking to sponsor a child friendly tier 4 dota 2 team in north america.

You can contact me @rakum.77@hotmail.com for details.

Hey 5avAge_32 from seattle here, i'm currently unemployed and a full - time streamer playing dota 2 at the divine bracket.

I'm looking for a dota 2 team to participate in local tournaments and hopefully embark on a journey to achieve my dream of winning The International!

What i bring to the table - I'm a great team player and always eager to improve despite my age.

I always perform even in losing matchups like electrician vs succubus.

I'm really good at macrogame and really like to make sneaky plays around kongor which i think really fits the current meta.

If i got 3 seperate e-mails from refpsi and another one from numeta i honestly wojldnt ne suprised

I spent an entire week with nothing to do at my girls in the boonies with nothing but my phone.

I contacted approx. 100 companies/ sellers. They all rejected me. I got something going with one guy but he was a fucker, did some stuff for free was the best i could get and he told me to fuck off 2 weeks later.

Ur gonna need to get the rejection reps b4 you get some one.

Some 14 year old kid programmer on roblox teleported me to his custom game in roblox and asked me for 50 bucks so h3 can buy 3 d models for his game. Considering how pathetic he looked pulling that at 14 i can only imagine how these peoples day get ruined when you mental retards set out to harass them.


hire me i need money