I'm Quitting This Forum And Here's Why

Give your top reasons why you would quit this forum

Damn, your avatar made me think you were asoul again. Disappointing

I'm pretty sure you made him quit the forum

I wish

I dont know many reasons to quit it now.

It is not toxic like nadota used to be
People actually care about each other for the most part and this feels like a small family now than a toxic hole community used to be.

Just use your time wisely here and dont waste too much of your precious time here that's all.


dang got bent by faz

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FaZ looks like a manager of a Publix

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You like these slowdive?

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FaZ looks like he would pretend to get to know you for a few minutes and then try to sell you car insurance

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You look like you hang around people who smoke cigarettes but you never started

Your parents definitely still smoke indoors

Bro I legit smoked during summer between 1st and 2nd grade when I traveled there only with my grandmother, and never since.

How did you manage to get so many aspects of that pose wrong

Why are you holding your dick????

fuck you, I quit this toxic place

I'm sorry