Important question

It’s recently come to my knowledge that a Discord channel I am active in has a channel for posting drugs - illicit drugs. Marijuana. I was thinking about calling the police, or maybe the DEA. Does anyone have any advice?


Add nmagane to it.

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Yes you should 100% report it to the police. I would go further and screen shot the evidence with verfication of the accounts in question to submit as well. Please report any illegal activities you see on discord to the appropriate authorities. Save another life from marijuana

I wouldnt worry about it discord is already logging all of that stuff and selling it to the government

Teamspeak 3.

You guys really thought a social media tool that explicitly says they can use and sell your data in any way they want - which also appears to be investing a bunch of money into servers, technology improvements with no real discernible revenue stream (no the 4 people buying the premium subscription do not constitute revenue) was a safe place to dump all the data of your daily lives

In the future there will be people that blackmail you with all this data after buying it from some shady data auction

Fantasized about ratting on a myriad of dealers and gang members today

I remember when discord was first coming out and they were advertising on reddit I kept commenting on their posts about how I wasn’t interested in using some bullshit propriety software that will collect my data to sell it and some marketer or whatever actually responded to me saying that they don’t collect data

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Who tf talks about super sjefch shit on discord anyways that’s what irl is for

Just do what 15 year Olds on errowid do and say SWIM did ______ before talking about shetchy shit u did nobody will ever guess it was you all along

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that shit was so retarded because nobody gives a fuck about you talking about snorting lsd crystals

Yeah it was rly cringe

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Thank you; I’ve taken the appropriate steps and hope equally appropriate measures are taken against the perpetrators. I’ve kept another online community safe today; I hope you all can say the same