IMpulSe~ gamer

just had the unfortunate experience of running into IMpulSe~ in ranked match making and he immediately locks mid before i can even alt-tab back into the game. he then moves his selects invoker... from there all i can say is he laned against a shadow fiend and was killed multiple times before i heard him come onto the microphone and yell as loud as he could. it was horrific.

he tried his hardest and at the end of it all shadow fiend trash talks impulse in broken spanglish. and said ez mid.

ixdl-o impulse was defeated by a peru shadowfiend.


and you didnt point him in the direction of this site? what the fuck

impulse drama was some funny shit to read

it's not his fault, invoker is a tough hero for him to play naturally as he will struggle to hit all the hotkeys for his spells

Good thread

he wasn't speaking coherent sentences and i was quite certain that he wouldnt remember the website

thats some bs excuse. everyone knows impulse regularly rails uppers and would love to vent on some random forum about DotA

maybe thet will pull through

let me go ahead and re login to this site for the first time in months to say that hey kyle u realize that the reason u ran into impulse in ranked is because ur the same mmr as him rgiht?


u and impulse are historically the worst ppl u can get in ranked mm

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Someome make the worst players u can get in mm thread

i don't think hardly anyone on this forum plays dota anymore

Theres a ton of matchmaking systems. Im just trying to make a difference out there

i havente played dota in like 2 years i would certainly hope i'm not higher than anyone

if you're speaking from experience then you're the same mmr as me then hahaaaaa

unless you're talking about your experience with me in ixdl .. i uh. always had higher elo than u so thats awk

whoever said ranked mm ruined dota was right

i miss getting griefed by HOW DO I NYX NYX and Nma in d2g inhouses

no u did not

bad memory or denial who knows