Introducing NaMafia eRep Points

In an attempt to spur site activity....

NaMafia Point System Guide

Recently there has been some debate as to how the NaMafia “ rep point ” system works. This is to be expected because of the rewards you can earn. If all NaMafia did was work on points, but did not offer any loot, then people probably wouldn't make as big a deal out of it. But because there are those aiming for certain prizes there is a tentative amount of “point jealousy” that occurs.

It is just for that reason that some people have suggested that, somehow, the point system is unfair, biased, or that there are certain people who have “cracked the system” and can rack up more points than others. This belief comes from the fact that most people do not understand how the point system works, and hard set guide-lines of how much something is worth are not easy to find.

It is for that reason that I am here to clear up the confusion so that life on eBaums can go back to being the harmonious paradise it once was before all of this happened. Below are listings for the eRep point value system for all to enjoy.

Watching a video – 1 point
Commenting on a video – 1 point
Watching a really boring or stupid video – 5 points
Making comments with fart jokes in them – 2 points
Spelling comments correctly and using punctuation – 10 points
Submitting a picture – 7 points
Posting a picture of your drunk grandmother – 30 points
Posting pictures of drunk George Bush – ½ point
Submitting a video that doesn't suck – 12 points
Making a video of Paris Hilton – Minus 60 points
Posting “mature” videos of “The Hoff” – 30 points
Submitting a flash media game – 22 points
Posting an annoying and impossible to win game – 487 points
Being polite to everyone you meet on eBaums – 536 points
Even that guy who is obviously a racist sexist Nazi – 4212 points
Getting up from the computer and going outside – 48 points
Worshiping Satan – 666 points
Sacrificing a goat in the name of eBaum (note: this must include candles, a properly inscribed magical circle, and chanting minions) – 7238 points

Points will be distributed on a need-to-know basis. Complaining about point distribution may get you banned or otherwise laughed at. Taking this list seriously is not advised, and anyone that does so is more of a twit than you can possibly imagine.

I appreciate your effort

I'm the only person on the website rn

We should make a Namafia drinking game.

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this is some top tier dumb shit
where do i sign up