Ironstove's Closed Mafia [Day 1]

Day has started, day ends at 8PM PST ON SATURDAY 6/27/2020

@mafiabot startday 5462

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

iaafr, kyle, ian, faZ, theGreatWingdingi, LuckyArtist, osiris, sdadasdas, hbotz,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


Role PMs have all been sent out. Feel free to post now. I will end the day tomorrow at 8PM PST.

hallo every1 i am new to the forum but not to the game of mafia so please assume competency when trying to read me. also plz dont try to play some sort of weird "oh haha is he a troll or not" meta cuz that would be really lame.

that being said today is a lynch day and also i am not mafia so i nominate
@mafiabot lynch @sdadasdas

thihs setup is a troll. i was given the roll of "nyte"

the pm says im meant to roleplay as anyte...

Kyle's lying

kyle I dont think you can pull nyte off cause your reads are not on her level.

asoul that's some next level shadying right there

a lot has changed in my life since I have played mafia I am pretty excited to see what it does to my mafia game

I've rolled town again.

going to be inactive for the first half of the day

like I said 2 games ago, I'm gonna try to not sperg out due to sus or getting voted up, so pls don't interpret me not sperging out as a scumtell

I think I should be fairly obvious by EOD and

to put it bluntly, I don't think I should ever be a d1 on this site unless I'm like extremely obvious scum

i am immediately tilted by that reaction and also this game thread shouldve been in the subforum where reactions/edits are turned off

(or at least the buttons are hidden cuz i think thats how it got implemented)

Iaafr your opening is terrible

good work faz

Just tonally and flow wise something I would open as scum more than town

Especially I wont be here for half a day part