Ironstove's Closed Mafia [Day 3]

Town awakens to find Osiris dead. He was a Vanilla Town.

@mafiabot startday 5462

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

iaafr, ian, faZ, LuckyArtist, osiris,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


Man what the fuck.

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@mafiabot lynch luckyartist

It was a bit disappointing to learn that hbotz is actually a VT lol

so basically hbotz is clear unless you think there is more than 2 mafia in this set up :)

iaafr is pretty hard TR so far. I didnt reread too much just luckyartist. I am pretty sure he is scum. it was a pretty good bus on roragok that kept my suspicion off of him but after rereading it was pretty noticeable.

Ian could be scum but I sort of townread him decently yesterday.

? Huh

How the hell so you read the past two days and conclude Iā€™m aligned with rora?

I reread the two days and I think you are mafia. your votes on him look like scum bus votes if you look at reasoning behind your votes.

tell me why you think roragok was scum Lucky?

Sure I can see some convoluted picture that paints me as scum purely for my votes on rora

But make a real case

I am making a case. Explain your votes on roragok.

Asoul was confident rora was scum
You were confident rora was scum
From playing with rora last game as scum, I saw nothing to disagree with

thanks for proving my case.

that's text book 101 mafia reasoning to bus their partner.

Dude you are fucked. Let me at least get some townie points to jump on the train early enough.

obviously it isn't just IT.

The fact that I am alive over osiris very likely because I TR you more than the rest of the town did and you probably banked that I wouldn't check you. plus I wasn't actual role cop but a vt/none vt cop so you could claim a PR.

the fact that hbotz is clear.
IAAFR is pretty towny
and Ian towntold pretty hard in few lines yesterday.