Ironstove's Closed Mafia [Day 4]

I feel bad for our boy lucky doe. He had to solo this game with no help and even got to lylo all on his own. It's almost like a win.

Your projection is unrivaled

I am just griefing today, today shouldn't even have happened

Literally all 3 of town didnt do what they were supposed to.

Ian didnt vote you to give hbotz a hammer on you, hbotz didnt wait for ian to vote.

Just throw after throw

The worst part is
I’m the chosen one
Not cc’d
And you are voting me

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And then you didn’t even che k me last night

What cop knows someone will vote them going into eod and then not try to confirm whether they are town or scum

You’re either bad. Or scum. Or both

And in both cases you gotta die

Imagine how fucked uply unbalanced this set up would be if that was the case

Closed set up. Town has chosen one. And 2 scum who can claim whatever the fuck they please.

Vs our set up with a cop that can only know if a player is VT or not VT letting you claim any type of town PR.

Hmmm I wonder which set up we are in???

How am I any thing but scum for your POV lmfao

It’s just as broken as a godfather setup

Which this has to be of you are indeed town cop and checked iaafr

Because earth to faz: I’m vt

I did check iaafr and he is VT

But in lylo chosen 1 = vt

Well then there’s a godfather

No you dont get it. He is VT. Gf doesnt come back VT lol

Then you are scum

Either iaafr is godfather or you are scum

@iaafr it’s pretty obvious this was a straight vanilla no role mafia game so yeah