Ironstove's Closed Mafia [Day 4]

Town Wakes up to find hbotz dead. He was a Vanilla Town.

@mafiabot startday 5462

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

iaafr, faZ, LuckyArtist, hbotz,

Alive Players - 4

Majority Vote - 3



iaafr is a troll VT

@mafiabot lynch luckyartist

Turns out lucky artist is a bitch per Ian :)

@mafiabot lynch @faz

@iaafr make ur decision


yo Iaafr if you want to see forshadowing you should totally go back to yesterday.

Luckyartist: faz wants me dead cuz he knows hes gonna live tomorrow and knows im gonna just lock my vote on him


Everything in my power and beyond was done not to be here.

if we manage to somehow lose this my unconscious is clear.


I think I deserve to win for getting roragok to play dumb and sort of claim cop with guilty on me, then I CC him without any information if there is an actual cop in this game, ultimately where we technically claim cop as both mafia and could be counter claimed by real cop into autoloss.

Also the set-up is super realistic where it is CLOSED set up and town has NO power roles


also lucky is this super scum player that claims to thank god he rolled town day 1


Also like I totally deserve to win because I put way more effort into this game than lucky and roragok combined


Also it is my first game back and I totally should make it a win