Is There Anything Wrong With This Image?

Yes. Not high enough rez

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this is a goyclub alt

Jones will read this message

is that a windsock or pants in theupper left above the window?

Welcome to our community.

probably not a windsock in an urban setting but doesnt look correct pants proportions

whats the likelihood zyori had sex with children in the phillipines

that would probably be better asked directly to him, in the BTS twitch chat

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i made one sniff joke and he got so riled for about 10 minutes, i felt terrible

oh that was the guy who left his stream on and scratched his balls? tbh you should hold yourself to a higher standard ■■■

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i was young and rude. no longer

play mafia

i signed fuck off


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Scratching balls on twitch is not as embarrassing as being an autogynephile which is also not nearly as embarrassing as being a former Dota 2 caster

that VOD is child-predator tier.

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