is this

forum just one guy talking to himself a la forest in nadota in like 2012/13 but its a way less interesting person? i check in from time to ime and its always the same threads started by the same guy with no responses.

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yeh goyclub successfully destroyed another forum.


Epok has been lynched. He was the site admin .
Look what you did slowdive. Now the site has no admin. We're screwed

nig ger crnge



This forum was better than ever was. We had actual variety in personalities and opinions for its 2 year lifespan, unlike nadota's 20 "LMAFO IM DONE BOYS" mason and arteezy clones

Fuck off. You killed the forum on purpose. Fuck you.

Goy club killed this.

Nothing was "killed on purpose", nobody wanted to "Kill the forum".
There was nothing to keep this forum going, nobody has interest in Dota or Mafia anymore. What do you want to do now? Blog forum?

Everyone Post your Gas Prices

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Yes. And you killed that too. You kill every reason to post.

He doesn't work in valve. How could he possibly kill dota 2?

Haha no that was Loki. He was a valve shill

If you want to Blog just post on twitter. Forums are meant for actual conversation.

how can you vote for bernie sanders when he won't even denounce the goy club