Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

Wonder if there was any bias in this study

fuck vaccines. im not taking it, they gon have to kill me before i take it.

Dunno man. The numbers from Israel make vaccines look pointless

kinda scared i may be forced too.

college of engineers requires you to be fully vaccinated to take their test. I dont know about the other place they arent responding to my emails...

there is no forced unless they pin you down and inject you forcefully, they can only scare you and attempt to take your rights away.

Fight back ■■■■■ fight back.

they gon have to kill me boy.

Doubles my salary if I pass :$

gotta have those strong principles, we not in this freedom fight to get paid,

the strongest of principles. true men of conviction and porpoise


what if they put freedom in the vaccine? checkmate

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Anti mask anti vax anti thought

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More like anti mask, anti vax, freedom of thought

Double my salary :/ I hope I don't need a shot for this other place

Can't have a polygamous marriage any other way

IMAGINE having MRNA'd kids. Cant be me.

Chigga u right

Question doe.

I'm unvaxxed and bitch is vaxxed what does that mean?

Cuz bitches are commie fucks that do what they told

1/1 jdances agree you have to be wrong

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Let's say there's a perfect vaccine. It permanently prevents you from dying like everyone around you is. It just came out and it has the Trump seal of approval.

He and his best men have signed off on it and wants to have you and everyone else that voted for him (2024) to take it, so you can live to vote for him in the next election.

Do you take it?

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cant be with no vaxxed chick