It's not April fools





@_jdance my ticket slip mound after quitting years ago

You don't wanna work for domino's man

Did you know that they don't have those labels anymore? Not even on the boxes. And a large majority of places now have prepaid debit cards where your tips get deposited once weekly and have dumbass fees to move your money

Mom and pop places only

i don't. franchisee and gm were really cool but the company is trash. the pasta and sandwhiches are alright

One I worked at banned taking doubles lol

I continued to take doubles and ignored them

i forget how many times i had to rebuff the franchisee wanting me to become a manager. i tried telling him the pay was shit but the company just wouldn't budge. csr's and am's get treated like garbage and make nothing. hell even gm's dont make much

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one corporate dm showed up one day after we had a record day to congratulate us then talked shit about our singles %

that shit should be illegal

the best part about driving was walking out with cash and just banking your checks

i used to work at a grocery store as a cart guy + carrying customers heavy shit to their car, by FAR the hardest job in the whole store for the exact same pay

they tried to tell me I wasn’t allowed to accept tips and had to turn them in to my manager (who probably just kept them)

fucking scum lmao

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when he showed me the target goals my gm had it was just ridiculous. like there was no way to hit labor, adt, food cost, and load time all the same time

best believe I kept every loonie people left in the carts and every tip old ladies gave me

the ultimate litmus test for human decency is if you put your cart away properly after shopping

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after doing that job I always do, lol