ITT jdance and sdad post interesting posts



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Hard not voting for either

no shut the fuck up lbj you arent supposed to post in here


Iā€™m too interesting of a poster to listen to your rules

Even if I don't post anything funny or interesting, the very fact that this thread exists means that I have brought sdad down to my level


1 post 1 like. Strong start

not sure how sdad recovers from this one

You considered yourself far below me in comedic ability, since you needed to bring me down?


I'll hook you up with some vyvanse to make this more even


We need a rap battle.

I would like our final showdown to take this format

Well you guys know my rapping skills based on my latest mafia hit


also I don't support this thread, it makes us seem like two clowns dancing for the entertainment of the audience, benny would enjoy this

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when can we expect the @Nyte disstrack response?

@Nyte post your war tune

ok i made the title more egalitarian

nah i can't. call me boring, but i'm not feeling in fighting shape

i would just post a recording of this track instead cuz mood

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you make a good point i changed it back