Dan Epoch (visibly fumbled) starts to show insecurity about his gift purchases (What? He was insecure about them? That’s even worse!

"Well I’m getting a plushie as well hahaha. A murder rom-com and a plushie.

Various people begin to look at each other in silent disbelief

“Well I’ll get her something personal too! I’ve already window shopped a plushie and an unintellectual book. It would be unwise to reward my girlfriend with actual intellectual stimulation (Kant, Infinite Jest) otherwise she may become all the wiser and leave me!”

-Silent frustration begins to emerge amongst
-Dan’s previous peers

Now Sweating: "Well something personal too! They say the best gifts don’t cost any money hahaha (That’s Nietzche) (But my sexual activity definitely isn’t enough for Margaret and I don’t possess the writing prowess to write a poem)

-Hm Yes? Are you done? Some people here are trying to blog about actual events in their life instead of worthless trite(a member inquires)-

What? What? I’m window shopping a present for my girlfriend. This IS blogging!


For those concerned about doxxing: Margaret isn’t Dan’s girlfriends name it’s just a take-placer.



Don’t remove this please I want to read it later

Delete this thread, duplicate thread

Please retitle and merge with itt:blog

Haha hey this is a funny thread it made me laugh haha so hilarious

It wasn’t meant to be funny but I’m not surprised it aloofed a virgen’s headspan.

That is both not a word and not a correct usage of aloof

Though I’m sure LuckyArtist is aware of this, given his Ivy League Advantage



Readded him. I’ll just css greybox him lol, but if he’s annoying other people he can practice writing in the other 99 threads

Goy Club: 1
Corrupt admins: 0

Depluralize admin and add 50 points to both sides

We all know you’ve been whispering filth into roragok’s ear

Roragok is a strong pious man, I am no match for de_lord

It aloofed a virgen’s headspan.

It aloofed a virgens’s headspan…

Maybe it’s just one of those days but I’m laughing uncontrollably at pretty much everything