I've been told you can read PM's....



They can impersonate a user which is essentially the same as a login as that user

Including seeing posts as you type them

That one may be admin only but there is plenty of other dumb shit like that

Hence my criticism when dan adds some retard (anyone really) as a moderator

Oh and also you can’t delete anything so that they don’t read :]

That said I have nothing to hide - I am completely innocent

What are you guys hiding?

Admin, please read the logs between q0q15 and nyte and jones and nyte, they're quite humorous.

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i dont feel safe using this software what so ever


might just dump them myself.

Please do

Another manifestation of you being a shitty person


Dan insisted on splitting the check for what it's worth--wouldnt let me buy

social niceties are just that - niceties

being respectful as a person goes deeper

I learned a lot that day; about Epok Dan and about the Jewish as a whole


fuck JEWS

I think Dan bought me breakfast once. Maybe it was my friend. I can't remember.

Dan has never bought or cooked me breakfast and honestly i'm getting a little miffed at this point


quit your job, tell your family you love them, and then suffocate yourself with a plastic bag.

This doesn't get you anywhere