Jack Bogle - Dead at 89

Shame he didn’t live to see the index bubble burst


Where were u when the world really started thinking hard about grad school

imagine if this guys head was shiny

Hows this podcast

It’s about as good as they come

I prefer gaming podcasts.

Scroll through until you find a topic that sounds interesting

They do a variety of stuff

Occasionally some really in-depth stuff where they spend an hour interviewing some 80 yr old fart that headed Pepsi for 40 yrs or something

Just kind of depends on your taste i think

Its just that time of the year again where I want to become a podcast listener again and probably wont lol. You got anything else you like to listen to or think I would like?

My favorite podcast

I’m not much of a podcast expert

I have been listening/recommending the same thing for probably 2 years

I like a good story so I find it’s pretty dependent on the source material but some of these have been fantastic

David Kestenbaum’s recs look pretty good to me

Just go listen to Mic Dicta. There will never be a better podcast.

If you watched LOST, listen to Back to the Island

oh shit. is it like a podcast that goes really in depth into the show?

this is literally the only situation where i would ever @ jdance but hes banned Xd

i kind of do not like podcasts though, my only reason being is that i like listening to music much more

No, it’s the one where two musicians who haven’t watched LOST since it aired watch it in random episode order. It’s fucking great