Jdance Academic Buttering Blog Thread (Dont click if you dont like the pursuit of education)

Every new unit of physics is like reading a new language. Most people have better initial intuitions than me.

It doesnt last as i sink hours into the subject


Like my intuitions are hilariously bad. Outrageously stupid i am

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I have been early anticipating this thread. Can I post my academic bettering here too?

become a business major IMO....

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i am becoming a registered nurse assistant instead

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most egregious example?

name the next number.

All hail gaydance

95.6% on first calc 2 exam. Had 4 hours of sleep for that one haha. I consider that a fail


These types of questions are incredibly gay


Bullet shot horizontally and dropped no initial velocity which hits the ground first

2 objects attached to a string in uniform circular motion which has higher speed

Literally simple things


Drawing fbd with 3 objects stacked, top 1 attached to a cord attached to a wall with the bottom one with an applied force to the right but an initial velocity to the left, all with friction took me a minute but i got that one randomly on the first try after some sleep

He gave a trick quiz with 7 scenarios regarding normal force with positive/zero/negative acceleration and velocity which was hilarious because i finished in 25 seconds (velocities irrelevant) and some people were somehow using a calculator at minute 9


Most recent lab was fucking 12 pages and my partner sent me this gem

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