No payment required it’s on the house

he is paying with the penis pic isnt he?

the first the fast in the furious is so sick

fucking inflation man now the first are $4

Nobody on this forum has changed at all

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ty for reminding me to reorder my vit ds

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i was just gonna say that lol

of all the things he did that might have been the most important, we absolutely NEED that shit


Hurry up

i dont speak this

Even when you can't, google maps can

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someone get my mans some tapatio

this is dangerous

Nobody send tapatio to that address. It's the address of a castle in my city.

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someone send some tapatio to the castle my man plugged

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Well that castle is going to enjoy a 32 ouncer of that sweet sweet tapatio I ordered as soon as I saw the address



if we can get some kind of confirmation on their end yns could go from a butthead to a heroic butthead

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I miss adderall

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i dont think we can give him wongs because this could be considered buying wongs for real money and that wouldnt be acceptable...

..what can we do to honor this duty...?