Jdance HOMELESS arc

Decided not to renew the apartment. Been living in the car for the last 28 days.

Its quite cozy. I got a nice sleeping thing rated to 0 degrees. I wear a nice hat and gloves while i sleep

Immediately in the morning i go shower at the gym and then usually to the library or to school. Focus is good.

Sex life is awful.

I save about 1400 per month doing this. Been going all in on ethereum

Maybe i will go directly from my car to a house in cash


holy fuck this seaSON IS LIT AS FUCK

DIET: USUALLY A PIZZA or taco bell cravings box

PISS BOTTLE: CRUCIAL it is nigh impossible to get out of the bedtime position once i am in it


you're doing this entirely to save money to buy more ethereum? you weren't forced in any way?


idk if it will work out for you but that's based as fuck regardless LMAO

Summer will be harder. Ill probably need a place for that

don't you drive a ford focus or something how do you stay comfortable and warm?

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0 degree rated sleeping bag plus gloves and hat and hood

i mean if you got a place to shower and a nearby laundromat it's not too bad. i spent a month or so living out of my car and sleeping at my coworkers but i had mastered the art of sleeping anywhere by then. waking up in pain because of the car seat was a different story tho lol

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Im in the back with the seats down

do you have a nice place cops don't harass you at? the 24 hour parking lots they don't touch you but the lights are annoying unless you have those blindfolds

also pro tip if the sleeping bag is rated for temps that low it's best to undress down to undies/t-shirt and keep them in the bag to put on in the morning. your sleeping bag will heat up from your body faster that way


Diagram the sleeping position

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Isn’t jpants tall as fuck

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yo this season is hot, good shit on saving money jdance.

Yea pretty lit

Probably the most based non gay thing you’ve ever done

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