Jdance mafia

@MafiaManiac666 host


@mafiabot sign

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can i be kel thuzad?

I will sign yours if you sign mine

you can be sylvanus windrunner

@mafiabot sign

matticus can be tyrande whisperwind

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ban will be illidan stormrage

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theodore is arthas menethil obv

@mafiabot sup

mafiabot is medivh

@MafiaManiac666 sign

thegreatwingdingi is the archmage Antonidus featured in the warcraft3 campaign mission The Siege of Dalaran

Thank you

Morgan is in a rocket

hopefully it's a safe rocket

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oh ok i was worried she was is a spacecraft, aircraft, vehicle or projectile that obtains thrust from a rocket engine

Nope just a rocket like i said

nmagane is uther lightbringer

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