jdance recommendation thread

jdance recommends a lot of things to people so this thread is here to concentrate things to recommend to jdance. movies and music are encouraged (he is desperately poor in these areas)

mad max

You to shut up

you should watch generation kill while you have hbo for house of nothing happening

You should read Zen mind beginners mind.

This thread is an invasion of my privacy

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im sorry you see it that way im just trying to be a good person and help

youve recommended a lot of things to me! some of them have even been watchable/listenable

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Blackface is unironically incredibly funny

bloons td6 it has cute monkeys. dart monke is my spirit animal

Im sorry but its not called osiris recommendation thread

i would like others to begin recommending media for you

it's september

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Its october

minnes :omegalul: ta

jdance i bet you would like ‘The Hurt Locker’ :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

@jdance i bet you would like a nice plate of nachos

That movie sucked i thought inception should have won the grammys or whatever that year

the hurt locker had decent performances and combat but the story is totally incoherent to actual deployment