Jdance ♿

This is so stupid

There it is. Next line from the dialogue tree, please.

You’re unabashedly making things up

I’m the sole arbiter of truth on this god damn website and you have that to say?


I actually wrote this entire tree out and you’re following it as if you had the same document open

What does one have to do to not be boring or predictable? Talk about your lift progress and gains? Tell you how amazing it is that you finished Algebra 1? Say you’re the only pizza delivery guy over 20 that isn’t some kind of loser?


Whatever you guys are just being mean lol

No, we’re just being honest. You’re a disgusting person

It’s you that is

I’m a great judge of character and at the worst I’d place him at value neutral

Chaotic neutral

Ewiz that is, you’re trash

See my new thread.

Jdance the npc the cries npc

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relatable tbh

Ilmemmerdelui going absolutely ham

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stopped feeling like this since I got laid tbh