Jdance ♿

Going to the gym

It’s very pretentious to have your own thread

I’m getting in the car now

Not using this thread anymore


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This guy has been in the squat rack for I’m not even joking an hour and a half.

Phone is going to die before he is done. He is one of those retards that think overexerting themselves is the way to gain muscle. I want to snap his neck.

It is not difficult to know the correct way to do things

He left and said have a good night man. Nevermind I like him

Yeah bet you like that vapid shit

Where are you from jdance?

Worthless gestures completely shaping your thoughts and feelings


What’s that? What’s vapid?

You. That. All of this. Everything’s just so vapid


Are you like the rest of them?

The Ones Out To Get Those Like Us

minnesotans lol

This state didn’t make me. I made myself

Going to fail this set going for 10 reps. I’ll let you know.