Jdance ♿

Got 8 reps and reracked and sat down because I was dizzy for a while

How did it take sudo 25 minutes to type that? Is that mental illness?

Fuck you

Praising me constantly would make me dislike you more

go find some shrooms itll be fun

and by fun i mean emotionally exhausting and overall a dramatic day in the life

I don’;t know what you mean I’ve never praised you. Why would I?

What do you do well? Lines of crushed addys?

No I mean like I dislike when people tell me I’m doing good

But don’t really care if they flame me

whyd you repeat yourself that is the emobdiment of fun

is it cuz when they tell youre doing good it implies they have low expectations of you?

The fucks your point tho

5% phone battery

It’s because I have my own expectations of me

Would you consider them high expectations

so it bothers you when people implicitly refer to their expectations of you? is that it

Like what am I supposed to do wiuth this information about how to manipulate you. I don’t care.

You implied that you did when you said you’ve been trying for 1.5 weeks

Impossibly high