Jdance's Mafia #1 Signups




epic siiign

I will sign

On the condition that you write thorough lore for each of the power roles


If we get 2 more I can start the game around 9pm central tonight!


Btw, you should try to start with an odd number instead of even

I wonder how randumb the distribution will be

Can’t be worse than that Benny game on nadota tho

You mean the one where there were no scum whatsoever


have you peoples been having some good games?

Yeah people like to bitch but I think games have been more focused and competitive lately. Some newer players trying to flex, a few returning to play. Btw wb ;)

sweet thanks! excited to play.

Random org mafia -> prs

Big benny signs

If we do 13 what role is the 13th

Vanilla town