Jdance's Mafia #1 Signups

4 mafia
1 t vig
1 t cop
11 vanilla towns


How many do I need?

1 icy w
2 black weeb
3 vohiyo
4 retArd
5 yoong nigga sigma
6 nmagane
7 roragok
8 slow dive
9 winter mute
10 klaze
11 deepthroat
12 floppy
13 the sanitizer
14 friend
15 krob
16 Ben y
17 Nyte ?

How do I do this?

How do I make a night chat and what do I say

@roragok give me templates and I’ll be the best host in the whole world wide web

theres an auto template if you create a thread in the game zone subsubforum

Let’s do this



How many mafia for 12 people

lemme in i will win


do 3 mafia 8 vt 1 vig imo

docs are stupid and slow down the game

vigs are stupid and speed up the game


town vigilante

once per night may shoot and kill any other player in the game


tbh this is scumsided by most standards

maybe add a cop as well

3 mafia goon 1 town alignment cop 1 vigilante 7 vanilla town

What’s the cop do

target a player at night, find out if they are mafia or town

its pretty much the most bread-and-butter town power role

powerful and important, mafia have to try to make pr reads to kill them asap and possibly counterclaim if he finds mafia

Okay fine. Are you signing or not