just had a gay asian man from california tour my house for my room rental ad AMA

Do you guys have barbeque over there? Hershey's Kisses?

How are you connecting? Did you have to pay an extra tax to connect to this site?

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To be honest seeing people like Wolfy getting access to Namafa is exactly the reason I voted for Trump

Nož, žica, Srebrenica

What are you doing in the Netherlands

Besides pickpocketing tourists and collecting social welfare

Credit card fraud?


stealing car parts and selling them, looking into ways to get into america and steal americano job, and then bang his wife with my big dark-skinned gypsy dick. white americano would probably enjoy that

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these guys are crossing the border, dark-skinned gypsy dick in hand

how dark are you?

and we laugh while doing so. thanks for open borders. idiot amerikanos

let me get a photo

Post picture please

im as dark as the rightmost part

dark enough to steal white man's wife...

here’s a photo of me let me get one of you real quick

im a bit shy

just post it I need to plan out my next post

here’s my outfit

im sorry im really shy

man cmon do I have to post my dick or something

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