just had a gay asian man from california tour my house for my room rental ad AMA


small world

add: he didn't explicitly state he was gay

he just said OHMIGOSH like 20 times during the whole ordeal

pretty nice dude tbh, first good gay i met ever.

i am now pro LGBTQ+ , i have changed my ways.

requesting moderatorship status @SOPHIE @roragok


also went to a tatoo shop job interview

they offered 12 hour shifts with a 50 cent/hr wage

it was so fucking hilarous i'm going to ironically work there after they call me to see what the fuck is going on

Guarantee hes good 4 the $

Probably ger you mad bitches too

dont get ass fucked.

Unironically what part of California do you live in and how much is rent?

nothing unironic about this, i ironically live in turkey.

i used to work at a hotel reception for 2 months. 12 hour shifts for 75 cents/hr wage. (bulgaria). good luck

where the fuck do you live


are you like a gypsy or something wtf

you speak any Serbian or Romanian?

no im in the netherlands

im not a gypsy. 300 dollars/euro a month is the normal salary in bulgaria for a low-qualification job. super market cashier, gas station, car wash, etc

i can understand some serbian and romanian

So yes

Can you guys believe there are actual Europeans on this site

the americans on here tend to be the dumbest. opposite of nadota