Just how racist is this commercial?

Lizzo in Real Tone #SeenOnPixel - YouTube

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Good thread but I'm not going to watch the commercial

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Why would this be racist? It's true

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Plasma............ lol

just read the comment section maybe?

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why is it racist it’s just stupid

numeta would be the kind of guy to read youtube comments

It's true though. I don't care abt comment section.

It's racist because it projects the idea that black people cannot differentiate pictures that are taken in the dark (beginning photos) and then later when the other pictures are shown in FULL FUCKING SUNLIGHT on people who are barely black.

It's the most racist shit, i have ever encountered on this earth.

also...cameras are racist?

Fuck this timeline


here are the premises

  1. proper lighting to make black people look good is more difficult than for other people with typical cameras and equipment
  2. there exists technology that can make black people look better even in the absence of proper lighting
  3. google wants to claim they have it

i dont see how any of these things cant be true

its definitely clearly not made up that processing and displaying darks properly is harder than processing and displaying brighter colors (see: cheap LED screens vs OLED, and how shitty night mode on cameras used to be and how theyve improved in successive generations of phones [because camera and photo quality is like one of the only meaningful improvements people actually care about on smartphones])

Didn't read any of this

That's because you cannot read.

I don't understand what he justbsaid

the pictures they used as evidence had extremely good lighting, people are upset that it's not a true feature if it can't handle darker settings

heres an article with comparison pics between phones

i.e. what people should actually be looking for to judge these ads rather than just running their mouths on biased conjecture

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I tried shooting a music video at night in uni with 2 black guys. Even in a lit alley way. Wanna know why it didn't work out?

They were too black. Stfu and go back to your shot strats

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nah fuck that and fuck you for defending this

youre acting like the people who u consider libtards by just jamming everything into your narrative and assuming stuff like "theyre clearly tricking the blacks with fake claims and misleading ads" without actually even checking whether the technology does anything

how is this not a classic internet outrage addict comment

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