Just learned that my dad was a cyberpunk coder in the 80s ama


will he be appearing in the new video game Cyberpunk 2077??

watch in full

My dad was a godawful mainframe programmer before he realized programming sux

My birth father got his dick stuck in a fax machine

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am i a cyberpunk?


I cruise through the web surfing websites and meeting cool hackers on my secret IRC channels

is cyberpunk like the characters in Hackers

My dad got fired by Microsoft in the 80s and lost his stock options

Then he got laid off @ commodore

He was too cyberpunk and didn’t mesh well with megacorp culture

Now he roams from job to job looking for that next big score

same, im just too cyberpunk



where is that zine with the “cyberpunk’s guide to romance” that had a drawing of a console cowboy holding a boquet of power cables

damn thats a dope dad

He’s actually a deadbeat