Just spoke to Kat on the phone

He said he has been feeling a wee bit depressed during these holiday times and that's why he's been pretty quiet recently

Can we get some nice words for our brother?


kat youre too nice stop worrying about the haters and do u buddy

kat's a kool guy. KoolKat

don't compliment me i take it the wrong way

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shutup and take my compliments milque toast spineless piece of human garbage


you smart

bro it's 2021 where is the play next button on YouTube

How get out?



i would like to engage in activities with you

it's been there for many many many years

that's the play the next video button that's not a "create dynamic queue of videos i want to watch at the time without making a playlist" button

i shoulda clarified that but yeah play next video i want to watch

lol i forgot about this but its not on mobile

press around i'm sure its somewhere